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Scrum Teams

Flexible visual tool for the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and teams to focus on what matters.

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Create and manage your product backlog easily

Product owners can manage backlog in their own view and prioritize story cards. Kantree makes Sprint Planning easy: simply drag and drop your cards from the backlog to your sprint column and you’re ready to go.

Define your sprint workflow as needed and focus on what matters

Scrum masters can easily define the workflow and set up a team Scrum Board. Anybody on the team can move cards throughout the process until they are done.

Manage various work items easily

Do you build software, a robot, phone, or a service? Does your team have developers, designers, engineers, testers, salespeople, business developers etc., or a mix? Customize cards to fully adapt them to your work and team needs, thanks to our card model system.

Visualize epics the right way and see your progress

Group your board by epics and see where you’re going with your project.

Automate and get tools out of your way

Take advantage of Kantree’s options and third party integrations to automate tasks such as:

  • assigning users when moving cards
  • creating cards from Slack conversations
  • integrating card creation in your Zapier zaps
  • attaching commits from github or gitlab to your cards

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