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A simple pricing

7€ / user / month

We host and manage Kantree for you

Unlimited projects, free for guest observers

Online support included

No contract, cancel at any time

Try 30 days for free

Prices exclude VAT (EU only)
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On-premise & Private cloud hosting options

Full control over your data and deep integration options.

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Cloud FAQ

What's included in the cloud plan?

The full Kantree experience, always up to date and fully managed. Every account includes online support through the app or via email.

What is a team?

A team allows you to collaborate privately with others (like your team mates for example). Billing information is linked to the team. You can invite as many users as you want and create public and private projects as part of it. Each user will be billed 7$/month. For example, if you invite 10 users to your team, your monthly bill will be 70$.

What counts as a user?

A user is anyone that you add to your team. Guests invited on a per-project basis are not counted towards your user count (however, they won’t be able to edit anything). Users you add to your team will need a username/password but they don’t have to pay anything by themselves.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I transfer the ownership of my account?

You can remove yourself from a team once another member has been added as an owner (billing is linked to a team, not to a user account). You can add or remove owners to a team at anytime.

When does the trial starts?

The trial period starts as soon as you create your first team. During the first 30 days of your account, you will be able to use it for free without any restrictions.

What happens after my trial?

You can register a credit card at any time during your trial and we will start billing you when your trial ends. If no credit card has been registered before the end of your trial, we will put your account on hold until one is registered.

Are my data safe?

The connection to Kantree is secured using SSL. We use a strong password encryption strategy (hashing in geek terms, using bcrypt). We perform daily off-site backups and regular recovery testing. You can export your data at any time using our export feature. Kantree is not hosted in the US.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel a team subscription at anytime. Once canceled, your team will remain active until the end of the billing period when it will be put an hold. You will be able to re-activate it during one month after the cancellation date, after which it will be deleted.

Any questions? Contact us at