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Organize anything and manage any kind of projects.

Kantree is the combination a friendly database & work management software. It replaces clunky spreadsheets and tons of emails with an easy to use, fast and collaborative platform to improve your team communication and efficiency.

Cards - the unit of information

At the heart of Kantree, there are cards. They can represent anything from tasks to persons.
Each cards can have a description, assignees, due dates, file attachments, labels and more

Custom fields

From tasks to complex HR tracking forms, Kantree handles any type of data. Use our wide variety of field types to customize how to format and interact with your data.

Efficient collaboration

Leave comments, mention users, get reminded of cards, create cards by email and much more. Kantree has all you need to collaborate.

Multiple types of cards per project

Each type can be quickly identified with a color and icon. Models can also have their own fields.

Infinite hierarchy

Cards can have sub-cards which can themselves have sub-cards an so on. Each level can be used as a simple task list or as full blown sub-projects.

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Focus on what matters

Combined our different visualization modes, filters and contexts to create customized views.

Kanban (+swimlanes)

Visualize your progress


Quickly edit big list of cards


Plan in time

Instant search

Advanced filters available to query every aspects of your project.

Group cards according to contexts or fields

Use the most relevant grouping to achieve your goal

Saved views

Save as views and share with your team a combination of filter, grouping and visualization mode.

Get insights into your project

Create detailed reports in a few clicks. Many charts are available for common agile practices.

Cumulative flow diagram

Repartition of cards between groups as time goes

Cycle times

Time it takes a card to go from one group to another

Burndown chart

Story points consumption through time

Velocity tracking

Know how fast your team can go

Track everything

On top of our detailed activity journal, track any kind of data using our logging system. Track time but also expenses, time spent in meetings, phone calls with clients, ...

Activity journal

Easy to use and detailed activity journal. Catch up easily on what happened while you were away!

Track time

Customizable time tracking with as many categories of time as you want

Track anything else!

Our flexible tracking system allows you to track any kind of actions

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Manage requests

Create publishable forms that will create cards directly into your project.
Collect requests and have them flow in your process.

Publishable forms

Forms can be targeted only at your team or open to all. Anonymous user can submit requests while still having a tracking link.

Request tracking

Requesters receive a tracking page where they can see the status of their request and communicate with the project members.

For the whole team

Control access rights, invite guests and re-use between projects

Project templates

Quickly create new projects according to your specifications

User roles

Manage different level of access effortlessly, including contractors. Permissions are very granular, down to which fields a role can edit.

Re-use between projects

Share contexts, card types and more between projects


Import projects

Import your projects from Trello, Asana or Github


Notifications as messages and slash command to create and comment on cards

Dropbox & Google Drive

Attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive


View commits in your cards and 2-way synchronization with Github.

Available from everywhere

iOS and Android apps

Download our smartphone and tablet apps to access Kantree on the go. Also works in mobile browsers.

Offline support

Browse your projects while offline as well as add new cards and comments.

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