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Le Groupe Logiciel chooses Kantree for work management
Posted on 01/02/2021 by Pola
Kantree has been chosen as the preferred work management solution provider for Le Groupe Logiciel, the inter-agency software group of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Read more about the partnership.
Trade your spreadsheets for a project roadmap with timeline views
Posted on 27/11/2020 by Pola
If you manage projects with deadlines or complex roadmaps, plain spreadsheets are not enough. You need a tool that is flexible and easy to use, but more powerful. When you swap spreadsheets for a project roadmap with timeline views in Kantree, you will minimize common project management problems and have more time to focus on getting work done.
The future of Kantree after version 9.0
Posted on 04/11/2020 by Maxime
We are very proud of our latest release of Kantree. Our view and field system is now one of the most powerful ones on the market. While we still have tons of improvements in mind, we believe it's time to focus on other aspects of the product. So where are we going next? Find out from this write-up.
November 2020 product update: Global Views
Posted on 04/11/2020 by Pola, Jérémy
Global Views are here! In this product update, we talk about the long-awaited functionality that allows you to view all your projects on a single kanban board. You can also see all tasks assigned to you from multiple projects in one place. Let’s look.
Kantree 9.0 has arrived! Here’s a breakdown of the new features
Posted on 09/10/2020 by Pola, Jérémy
We are excited to bring you Kantree 9.0, packed with new features designed to take your work management to the next level and save you money during and after the pandemic. Let’s take a look.
Introducing Kantree Business & new plans
Posted on 08/10/2020 by Pola
We are introducing new pricing plans: Kantree Team and Kantree Business, our first such change in five years. Read more about our offer and choose the right plan to fit your company’s size and budget.
New management era: Digital, distributed, collaborative
Posted on 02/10/2020 by Pola
Long before the coronavirus outbreak forced companies into remote work overnight, the workplace was becoming more distributed and digital. This new era of management is here to stay, so let's take a look at the trends.
We are launching new digital transformation webinars
Posted on 28/09/2020 by Pola
Our team is launching bi-weekly digital transformation webinars to support the upcoming release of Kantree 9.0. Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays for product demos, feature highlights, and department-specific use cases.
10 tips to help you make the most of remote work
Posted on 25/08/2020 by Pola
Remote work is here to stay post-coronavirus, as more businesses are embracing hybrid and full-remote business models. Now is a good time to establish your routine, so that you can stay productive working from anywhere. Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most of remote work.