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November 2020 product update: Global Views

04/11/2020 - Updated on 20/10/2021 - Pola, Jérémy

It’s here! Global Views, our long-awaited functionality that is sure to take your work management to the next level. 

With the arrival of Kantree 9.0 and after adding some features and polishing the user experience, we are ready for the official roll-out. [See also: Kantree Business & new plans]


What are Global Views?

This powerful, time-saving feature allows you to navigate your projects with more ease and have a comprehensive overview of what you or your team is working on.

With Global Views, you will spend less time clicking around to find your data.

  • Global Views are a practical and quick way to view some or all your projects on a single kanban board (hence the name global). No need to switch back & forth between projects to track work. 
  • You can see all tasks from multiple projects assigned to you or your team(s) via the Timeline, Calendar, Table, Checklist and/or Kanban views. 
  • Thanks to the global search functionality, you can filter views by a single field or multiple fields across several projects.
  • Just like regular project views, Global Views let you run an operational dashboard featuring velocity and/or progression and/or workflow status across selected and/or all projects. 

How does it work? 

With this update, the filter box at the top of your dashboard is equipped to support global search and comes with predefined searches (i.e. overdue cards assigned to me, due cards assigned to me, cards assigned to me). Here’s a refresher on how to search through cards using our query language.

In order to find tasks across all projects, go to the top toolbar of your dashboard and click on the magnifying glass icon. Put in a search term and you’re done. 

Tip: Like with any search results in Kantree, you can save your global views as private for easy access next time you use the platform. 


Got ideas?

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