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The workplace is changing. New ways of working are emerging and the Agile movement is just the beginning. We believe the trends in management are rooted in a desire of autonomy and responsibility from collaborators.

More autonomy implies a deeper involvement. It requires transparency to ensure a clear vision of the situation and of the objectives. It also requires processes which are adapted to each teams and which can evolve through time.

These believes combined with our values led us to create Kantree.

We are a French team, passionate about technology, the web and what it can bring to society. We are using our experience to build great products that we hope have a positive impact.

Because we really stand behind our values, we have chosen to create the company behind Kantree, Digicoop, as a worker cooperative. A company is made of people and we think giving every one of them a stake in it allows them to have a meaningful impact on its future.









Digicoop is a registered company in France.
10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris, France - 812479806 RCS PARIS